Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks can come in many forms. Some attacks are slow or unnoticeable for months before a significant attack takes place. Some attacks are rapidly deployed, but the impact is short lived. Learning about various types of cyber attacks can help you to avoid them and allow you to respond in a manner that best protects your devices and systems.


Malware Bugs Approaching Laptop

Malicious software, commonly referred to as malware, is software or code that is inserted into a device, usually covertly, with the intention of compromising one or more of these components of your data or systems: confidentiality, integrity, or availability. A cyber criminal may use malware to steal information or carry out malicious activities. Malware is an overarching term that encompasses, but is not limited to, traditional virus, worm, and trojan software, as well as modern ransomware, or rootkits threats.