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Social Media Safety:

Be careful what you post online

Did you know that what you post on popular social media platforms can have consequences? It’s true! Watch this short video to learn more about social media safety, and why you should be careful about what you post online.

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It’s time to level-up your cyber knowledge! Click through these exciting interactive articles to learn more about trending topics in cyber security.

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Are you ready to have some fun? Then check out these awesome cyber security games! Click on the “Play Game” button beside each game to start the game and level-up your cyber skills.

Virus Run game

Virus Run

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Spot the Scam game

Spot the Scam

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Can’t wait to see how much you know? Then try out these fun cyber security quizzes to test your knowledge! Click on the “Start Quiz” buttons to get started.

Keep Your Digital Footprint Clean quiz

Keep Your Digital Footprint Clean

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Can you Stay Cyber Safe? quiz

Can you Stay Cyber Safe?

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Cyberbullying 101 quiz

Cyberbullying 101

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K-12 Cyber Awareness Month

The K-12 Cyber Awareness Month (CAM) campaign has been developed to help Ontario school boards promote safer and more secure practices across their school communities when using digital technologies and the internet by promoting best practices in cyber safety, cyber secruity, and online privacy in K-12. Learn more

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