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In a world where cyber threats loom around every corner, a team of defenders is needed to fight cybercrime and keep the galaxy safe! Join the Cyber Galaxy Defenders each week of Cyber Security Awareness Month to level-up your cyber security skills and put a stop to Anon’s cyber attacks.

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The Weakest Link

People are often the prime target and are considered to be the weakest link in cyber security. Let’s toughen up the weakest link in the security chain! Learn more about quick defenses against a cyber attack.


Throughout the month, you will level-up your cyber skills through weekly interactive games and videos on topics such as: cyber security hygiene, phishing, password protection, and malware attacks.
Weekly Themes
2022 Cyber Month Rewards and Recognition Program
Calling all Cyber Galaxy Defenders! For the first time during Cyber Security Awareness Month, registered users have the chance to earn  recognition rewards  at the end of the month.
Ready for a challenge? The more galaxy tokens you collect, the better your chances of winning a recognition reward!
How to Earn Galaxy Tokens
Galaxy tokens are earned by completing tasks within the Cyber Galaxy. To earn galaxy tokens, you must have a registered account.
*These tokens will be awarded at a later date
End of Campaign Points
Following the completion of CSAM 2022, the following additional galaxy tokens will be automatically added to participants who meet the following criteria.
Recognition Reward
All games completed
Total: 9 games
+50 galaxy tokens token
400+ galaxy tokens earned +200 galaxy tokens token
All daily rewards collected +50 galaxy tokens token
Attended all events
Ask Me Anything (2), Ethical Hacking Q&A
+50 galaxy tokens token
Tabletop Thursdays (TTX Thursdays)
Each Thursday of Cyber Security Awareness Month will kickoff with a live cyber security TTX game! TTX is an interactive, DND-styled roleplay tabletop game that runs players through a simulated cyber attack based on a real-life scenario that has occurred within the last 12 to 24 months. To view examples of previous TTX exercise recordings please see here: Cyber Gamified TTX - Episodes.
Registration is open to all of the Ontario Public Service and the Broader Public Sector. As spaces are limited, and are provided on a first come first serve basis. Reserve your spot today.
October 6
| Theme: Reconnaissance
October 13
| Theme: Social Engineering
October 20
| Theme: Password is the Key
October 27
| Theme: Ransomware

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