As we make our way through 2022 with our personal new year's resolutions, cyber security continues to play a big role in our daily lives and it is important to continually strengthen your cyber hygiene with tips below that you should consider adding to your 2022 list.

Proceed with caution

The number one way to protect yourself and your organization from cyber-attacks is to take precautions. This means being aware of what information you are sharing online.

Most of us know that it's best not to give out your credit card information to just anyone, but you should also be wary about giving out other personal information. Data such as your date of birth, cell phone number and email address can be used to facilitate phishing attacks.

People staying cyber secure on their devices
A laptop is updating

Update security software on all devices

One of the easiest ways to stay cyber safe is to update the software on your devices. Software updates add new features to your device, fix bugs, and upgrade security. Please note that your organization might apply updates to your device automatically.


Reset and create strong passwords

Just like how you change your toothbrush, it is important to change your passwords to be proactive in maintaining your cyber hygiene. It is important to create strong passwords using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.

People locking their devices with passwords
People labeling their documents

Understand and utilize sensitivity labeling in all my documents

We often handle sensitive and personal information on a daily basis. Information sensitivity classification promotes reasonable security measures so that personal and sensitive information is protected. Check out the article on Classifying Information.


Back up all data

Prevention is key! Prepare to back up your data so it is not lost in a system malfunction or security breach. Frequently backing up data on the cloud or a local storage device is a good practice to make sure all your data is safely stored away.

People backing up data on a laptop
People using a laptop that is secured

Stay updated on all cyber security related information

Information in the cyber security field is constantly changing, which is why you should be aware of the newest trends. How? The Cyber Security Division has you covered. Visit throughout the year to stay vigilant.